California Programs

STEM Program stands for Science, Technology, Engineering,  and Mathematics.  This program was started by the former Director of National Science Foundation’s Education Division.  This approach to education is designed to revolutionize teaching subject areas such as Math and Science by incorporating Technology and Engineering into regular curriculum and by creating a “meta-discipline.” STEM transforms the thinking of students with presentations by career professionals in these fields.  In the classrooms, lessons are driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and students actively engaging in situations that require discovery, higher level thing for  solutions.

Financial Literacy A State Program that is designed to promote economic self-sufficiency, leadership development, career advancement, and technical skill development.  $tart $mart started with college Junior and Senior students. This project is designed to equip young women with fundamental personal finance skills to prepare them for financial independence and money management decisions and behaviors.  Six Money Trek modules have been developed for teaching financial basics. Contact the chair at

Speech Trek The Eleanor Stem-Allen Memorial Speech Contest, in it’s eleventh year,  is an AAUW California Project that begins on the branch level with a speech tournament for local students and culminates with three top statewide finalists performing their five-minute speeches at the AAUW California convention/annual meeting in April. High School students (public, private, continuation, and home schooled) throughout California are eligible to participate. Contact the program coordinator at