Tech Trek

For more than fifteen years, the ESGV Branch of AAUW has had the privilege of sending intelligent, articulate young ladies, who will soon be entering the eighth grade, to science and math camp ( Tech Trek Camp) for a week during the summer.

This year we were fortunate to be able to send fifteen girls to Tech Trek camps at either UC Irvine, UC San Diego or Whittier College for a week.  Several of our members visited the camp in July, during the camp’s open house.   It was such an uplifting experience to see so many young ladies  eagerly and enthusiastically involved in learning, and enjoying themselves while doing so.


We observed the girls in their assigned core classes of Physiology, Ecology, Forensics or Video Production. In addition to the core classes, the girls also participate in rotating labs, field trips and other activities to enhance their learning experience.

The highlight of the Tech Trek Program, for members and parents, is the Tech Trek event in September, which is our first general meeting of the year.  The girls prepare presentations, talk to the members individually and also to the group as a whole.  Each of the young ladies shares her personal experiences, her plans for the future, what the camp meant to her and shares any other thoughts she may have. Their public speaking abilities are amazing.

All of the young ladies concurred that their week at camp was a wonderful life changing experience and that they found the college experience absolutely great.  They made many friendships that they value and will retain for many years.  They learned so many new things and were exposed to many things they had never been aware of.  All of the girls were so appreciative of our support and the fact that they had been chosen for this honor.  They valued having this opportunity to see what possibilities are out there and available to them.

Meeting and listening to these outstanding young ladies reaffirms the value and worth of our participation in the Tech Trek program.  Here we can truly see that we are really making a difference not only in the future of the young ladies we send but in others that they will influence.